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Negative: Out of the cellar... into the light... and towards the stadiums!

"Remember to believe in your dreams", says Negative's frontman, vocalist, lyricist and composer Jonne Aaron. Jonne himself is a perfect example of a guy who has trusted his own instincts through the hard times. Well, listen to his words for a moment...

"We played our first real shows in 1998, but the story of this band goes beyond that. So far we have only released one full album but despite that, we are very experienced group as we have played so many gigs during the last six years. And I have to say that hot flame of enthusiasm is still burning inside all of us... And actually it's even hotter compared to the early days and we are trying to reach the new landmarks all the time! My first goal was to get acoustic guitar, then I wanted to write my own songs, form the band, and get the rehearsal place and so on. I have always loved rock music more than anything else in this world. My principle is that I want to play rock and roll even if I can't afford buy food or something like that. Well, I can eat my own fingernails! I just want to live this life the way I want!"

Negative-guys have always loved the bands like Guns 'N' Roses, Hanoi Rocks, Mötley Crue, Kiss, W.A.S.P. and Finnish 80's rock/pop legend Dingo so it's not very big surprise that band have set their ultimate goals outside the borders of Finland. And this has been the case since the Negative's day one...

"Why do we sing in English? Well, English is the universal language of rock and roll. And I have to admit that singing in Finnish would be too revealing. But hey, I guess we have made absolutely right choice... If was singing in my mother tongue, I guess we wouldn't have played in Japan."

Negative's current line-up has been gathering together slowly. Jonne tells some examples.

"I was speaking to our bassist Antti that we need new guitarist immediately! Larry heard me talking and he said that "I'll play the six string, I am as good as Slash!" We thought that this guy must be perfect choice for us. Well then, Christus was formerly member of another band called Bloodpit. They had a show and we went to watch it. After the gig, all the girls wanted to hang around Christus. Once again I thought that we need this kind of guy in Negative."

Negative signed a record deal with Tampere-based Gbfam Records in 2002.

The band started the recordings of War Of Love in Cosmic studios with the highly acclaimed producer Lex Luthor (who has previously worked for example with Paleface and Ezkimo).

"All the songs on War Of Love were written during six years or so. The oldest ones are from 1997, I guess. Because of this, a whole album sounds slightly chaotic. But I still like War Of Love very much; it gives very good overall picture of Negative's early career. And I'm extremely glad that War Of Love opened some doors to the foreign countries too. I never would have thought to expect that at all."

Negative toured extensively in Finland after the release of War Of Love. The band saw all the corners of their homeland, from fjelds of Lapland to the shores of southern Finland.

"In the early days of the band, I used to puke before the show. Not because of drinking or anything like that, I was just so excited to perform and I couldn't handle that situation. Nowadays I am able to control that strange feeling pretty well but our first show in Tokyo was almost too much... Before the gig, I had to close my eyes and ears and I was lying on the back stage’s floor about half an hour. I just couldn't believe that we are about to play in the soils of Japan! Well, playing a show is the greatest thing on this planet. And it really doesn't matter if we are in Tokyo, Los Angeles or Tampere. It is just unbelievable to reach that "Freddie Mercury -like winner's feeling" and sense that crazy power inside your own body."

Negative's second album took shape under the overseeing eye of veteran producer TT Oksala (HIM, The 69 Eyes, Lordi etc.) during the spring 2004.

"Our next record reveals totally fresh sides about Negative! We thought and planned the new songs carefully from the beginning of the process to the very end of it. The album is tight entity, sound is more powerful and we are much better musicians nowadays too. In my opinion, we are about to find our own ultimate style with this album... Maybe I dare to put it like this: War Of Love brought us from the cellars into the light of the streets and the second album takes us to the stadiums. I mean it in a symbolic way!"

One important part of the Negative's tighter sound is the addition of their new keyboardist Snack.

"We chose Frozen To Lose It All as first single because the song shows the skills of Snack. We want our fans know that Snack will be very important part of Negative's sound in the future. And I guess that Frozen sounds pretty familiar to the old Negative fans. But hey, let me also reveal that Frozen is one of the poppier songs from our second album..."

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